Nom completFranco Causio
Prénom médiaFranco
Nom médiaCAUSIO
Date naissance1949-02-01
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceItaly
ville NaissanceLecce
Pays NationalitéItaly
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11INOUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
clubUEFA Champions league233230200000
clubUEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1010000000
clubUEFA Cup Winners' Cup7370000000
clubUEFA Europa league496409110000
paysFIFA Friendly International314283100000
paysFIFA World Cup11183000000
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA10191000000
paysUEFA European Championship4040000000
paysUEFA European Championship - Qualif6042000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INsubs OUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
1970-1971UEFA Europa league12193000000
1970-1971UEFA European Championship - Qualif1001000000
1971-1972UEFA Europa league6260010000
1972-1973FIFA Friendly International3130000000
1972-1973FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA3021000000
1972-1973UEFA Champions league9190200000
1973-1974FIFA Friendly International2011000000
1973-1974UEFA Champions league2020000000
1973-1974UEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1010000000
1974-1975FIFA Friendly International2011000000
1974-1975FIFA World Cup2011000000
1974-1975UEFA Europa league9090000000
1974-1975UEFA European Championship - Qualif3030000000
1975-1976FIFA Friendly International1010000000
1975-1976UEFA Champions league3030000000
1976-1977FIFA Friendly International6060000000
1976-1977FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA6160000000
1976-1977UEFA Europa league111101000000
1977-1978FIFA Friendly International2020100000
1977-1978UEFA Champions league7270000000
1978-1979FIFA Friendly International5050000000
1978-1979FIFA World Cup7170000000
1978-1979UEFA Champions league2020000000
1979-1980FIFA Friendly International4140000000
1979-1980UEFA Cup Winners' Cup7370000000
1980-1981FIFA Friendly International4240000000
1980-1981FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA1010000000
1980-1981UEFA Europa league3030000000
1980-1981UEFA European Championship4040000000
1982-1983FIFA Friendly International2011000000
1982-1983FIFA World Cup2002000000
1982-1983UEFA European Championship - Qualif2011000000
1984-1985UEFA Europa league8235100000
Match entraineur
CommentaireFranco Causio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈfraŋko ˈkauzjo]; born 1 February 1949 in Lecce) is an Italian, World Cup winning former footballer who played for Juventus for many years in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Regarded as one of Italy's greatest ever wingers, throughout his career, he
Taille cm172
Poids Kg68
Date MAJ2023-11-10 09:02:12