Nom completRaymond Neal 'Ray' Clemence
Prénom médiaRay
Date naissance1948-08-05
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceEngland
ville NaissanceSkegness
Pays NationalitéEngland
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11INOUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
clubUEFA Champions league330330000000
clubUEFA Cup Winners' Cup140140000000
clubUEFA Europa league5004010000000
clubUEFA Super Cup3030000000
paysFIFA Friendly International3030000000
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA2020000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INsubs OUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
1967-1968UEFA Europa league6006000000
1968-1969UEFA Europa league2002000000
1969-1970UEFA Europa league4022000000
1970-1971UEFA Europa league100100000000
1971-1972UEFA Cup Winners' Cup4040000000
1972-1973UEFA Europa league120120000000
1973-1974UEFA Champions league4040000000
1974-1975UEFA Cup Winners' Cup4040000000
1975-1976FIFA Friendly International1010000000
1975-1976UEFA Europa league120120000000
1976-1977FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA2020000000
1976-1977UEFA Champions league9090000000
1977-1978UEFA Champions league7070000000
1977-1978UEFA Super Cup2020000000
1978-1979FIFA Friendly International1010000000
1978-1979UEFA Champions league2020000000
1978-1979UEFA Super Cup1010000000
1979-1980UEFA Champions league2020000000
1980-1981UEFA Champions league9090000000
1981-1982FIFA Friendly International1010000000
1981-1982UEFA Cup Winners' Cup4040000000
1982-1983UEFA Cup Winners' Cup2020000000
1983-1984UEFA Europa league2020000000
1984-1985UEFA Europa league2020000000
Match entraineur
CommentaireRaymond Neal 'Ray' Clemence, MBE (born 5 August 1948) is one of English and European football's most decorated goalkeepers ever and was part of the Liverpool team of the 1970s.
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Poids Kg76
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