Nom completJean Amadou Tigana
Prénom média
Nom média
Date naissance1955-06-23
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceMali
ville NaissanceBamako
Pays NationalitéFrance
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11INOUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
clubUEFA Champions league10191200000
clubUEFA Cup Winners' Cup3030000000
clubUEFA Europa league4040000000
paysFIFA Friendly International12075100000
paysFIFA World Cup9181010000
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA10091100000
paysUEFA European Championship5050010000
paysUEFA European Championship - Qualif2020000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INsubs OUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
1980-1981FIFA Friendly International2020000000
1980-1981FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA3021100000
1981-1982FIFA Friendly International1001000000
1982-1983FIFA Friendly International5032100000
1982-1983FIFA World Cup3021010000
1982-1983UEFA Europa league2020000000
1983-1984FIFA Friendly International2002000000
1984-1985FIFA Friendly International2020000000
1984-1985FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA6060000000
1984-1985UEFA Champions league2020000000
1984-1985UEFA European Championship5050010000
1986-1987FIFA World Cup6160000000
1986-1987UEFA Cup Winners' Cup3030000000
1986-1987UEFA European Championship - Qualif2020000000
1987-1988UEFA Champions league2011100000
1988-1989FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA1010000000
1988-1989UEFA Europa league2020000000
1989-1990UEFA Champions league4040100000
1990-1991UEFA Champions league2120000000
Match entraineur
UEFA Champions league4
UEFA Europa league16
CommentaireJean Amadou Tigana (born 23 June 1955 in Bamako, Mali, previously named French Sudan) is a former French international footballer, having played in midfield and managed professional football extensively throughout France, including 52 appearances and 1 goal for the France national football team duri
Taille cm172
Poids Kg63
Date MAJ2019-11-11 07:52:11