Nom completMauro Tassotti
Prénom médiaMauro
Date naissance1960-01-19
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceItaly
ville NaissanceRoma
Pays NationalitéItaly
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11INOUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
clubUEFA Champions league411392130020
clubUEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup4031000000
clubUEFA Europa league6051000000
clubUEFA Super Cup7070000000
paysFIFA Friendly International3021000000
paysFIFA World Cup2020000030
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA2020000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INsubs OUTjauneJaune/RougeRougeBenchCSC
1987-1988UEFA Europa league4040000000
1988-1989UEFA Champions league9090010000
1989-1990UEFA Champions league6060000000
1989-1990UEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1010000000
1989-1990UEFA Super Cup2020000000
1990-1991UEFA Champions league4040000000
1990-1991UEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1010000000
1990-1991UEFA Super Cup2020000000
1992-1993FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA2020000000
1992-1993UEFA Champions league9190000000
1993-1994UEFA Champions league8071010000
1993-1994UEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1001000000
1993-1994UEFA Super Cup1010000000
1994-1995FIFA Friendly International3021000000
1994-1995FIFA World Cup2020000030
1994-1995UEFA Champions league5041110020
1994-1995UEFA CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup1010000000
1994-1995UEFA Super Cup2020000000
1995-1996UEFA Europa league2011000000
2001-2002UEFA Europa league0000000000
2002-2003UEFA Champions league0000000000
2003-2004UEFA Super Cup0000000000
2004-2005UEFA Champions league0000000000
2005-2006UEFA Champions league0000000000
2006-2007UEFA Champions league0000000000
2008/2009UEFA Europa league0000000000
2009/2010UEFA Champions league0000000000
2010-2011UEFA Champions league0000000000
2011/2012UEFA Champions league0000000000
2012/2013UEFA Champions league0000000000
2013/2014UEFA Champions league0000000000
Match entraineur
CommentaireMauro Tassotti (Italian pronunciation: [ˈmauro tasˈsɔtti]; born in Rome, 19 January 1960) is an Italian manager and former footballer who played predominantly as a right-back. He currently serves as an assistant coach for the Ukraine national team. After making his Serie A debut with
Taille cm177
Poids Kg72
PosteDéfenseur Entraineur
Date MAJ2021-03-17 06:37:57