Nom completMohamed Salah Ghaly
PrénomMohamed 1992
Prénom médiaMohamed
Nom médiaSALAH
Date naissance1992-06-15
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceEgypt
ville NaissanceBasyoun
Pays NationalitéEgypt
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11INOUTjauneRouge ind.RougeBenchCSC
clubFIFA Club World Cup2020000000
clubUEFA Champions league5828544100020
clubUEFA Champions league - Qualif10491000000
clubUEFA Europa league285226000030
clubUEFA Super Cup1010000000
paysCAF Africa Cup of Nations104100000000
paysCAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif1813180000000
paysFIFA Friendly International124102000040
paysFIFA World Cup2220000010
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - CAF1110110000000
paysIOC Olympic Games4331000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INsubs OUTjauneRouge ind.RougeBenchCSC
2010-2011CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif2120000000
2011/2012FIFA World Cup qualification - CAF8680000000
2012/2013CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif2120000000
2012/2013FIFA Friendly International1010000000
2012/2013IOC Olympic Games4331000000
2012/2013UEFA Champions league - Qualif2011000000
2012/2013UEFA Europa league142104000000
2013/2014FIFA Friendly International2120000000
2013/2014UEFA Champions league6260000000
2013/2014UEFA Champions league - Qualif4340000000
2014/2015CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif6260000000
2014/2015FIFA Friendly International3230000000
2014/2015UEFA Champions league2011000020
2014/2015UEFA Europa league8180000000
2015-2016CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif5550000000
2015-2016FIFA Friendly International2020000010
2015-2016FIFA World Cup qualification - CAF3430000000
2015-2016UEFA Champions league7161000000
2016-2017FIFA Friendly International1010000000
2016-2017UEFA Champions league - Qualif2020000000
2016-2017UEFA Europa league6242000030
2017-2018CAF Africa Cup of Nations6260000000
2017-2018CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif1210000000
2017-2018FIFA Friendly International1001000010
2017-2018UEFA Champions league1310121000000
2017-2018UEFA Champions league - Qualif2120000000
2018-2019FIFA Friendly International1110000010
2018-2019FIFA World Cup2220000010
2018-2019UEFA Champions league125120000000
2019-2020CAF Africa Cup of Nations4240000000
2019-2020CAF Africa Cup of Nations - Qualif2220000000
2019-2020FIFA Club World Cup2020000000
2019-2020FIFA Friendly International1001000010
2019-2020UEFA Champions league8480000000
2019-2020UEFA Super Cup1010000000
2020-2021UEFA Champions league10691100000
Match entraineur
CommentaireMohamed Salah Ghaly (born 15 June 1992) is an Egyptian footballer who plays for Swiss club FC Basel. He is left footed. He is
Taille cm175
Poids Kg73
PosteMilieu de terrain offensif
Date MAJ2018-10-26 06:20:28