Nom completGianluigi 'Gigi' Buffon
Prénom médiaGianluigi
Nom médiaBUFFON
Date naissance1978-01-28
Date décès0000-00-00
Pays NaissanceItaly
ville NaissanceCarrara
Pays NationalitéItaly
Match joueur
TypeCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INBenchCSC
clubUEFA Champions league000080
clubUEFA Champions league - Qualif000000
clubUEFA Europa league000000
paysFIFA Confederations Cup000000
paysFIFA Friendly International2002110
paysFIFA World Cup000050
paysFIFA World Cup - Inter-confederation play-offs100100
paysFIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000010
paysIOC Olympic Games000030
paysUEFA European Championship000010
paysUEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
Match joueur
SaisonCoupeApGoalsAp 11subs INBenchCSC
1996-1997IOC Olympic Games000030
1996-1997UEFA Europa league000000
1997-1998FIFA World Cup - Inter-confederation play-offs100100
1997-1998UEFA Champions league000000
1997-1998UEFA Champions league - Qualif000000
1998-1999FIFA Friendly International100100
1998-1999FIFA World Cup000050
1998-1999UEFA Europa league000000
1998-1999UEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
1999-2000FIFA Friendly International000000
1999-2000UEFA Champions league - Qualif000000
1999-2000UEFA Europa league000000
2000-2001FIFA Friendly International000000
2000-2001FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000000
2000-2001UEFA Europa league000000
2001-2002FIFA Friendly International000000
2001-2002UEFA Champions league000000
2002-2003FIFA Friendly International000000
2002-2003FIFA World Cup000000
2002-2003UEFA Champions league000000
2002-2003UEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
2003-2004FIFA Friendly International100100
2003-2004UEFA Champions league000000
2004-2005FIFA Friendly International000000
2004-2005FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000000
2004-2005UEFA Champions league000010
2004-2005UEFA Champions league - Qualif000000
2004-2005UEFA European Championship000000
2005-2006FIFA Friendly International000000
2005-2006UEFA Champions league000000
2006-2007FIFA Friendly International000000
2006-2007FIFA World Cup000000
2006-2007UEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
2007-2008FIFA Friendly International000000
2008/2009FIFA Friendly International000000
2008/2009FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000000
2008/2009UEFA Champions league000000
2008/2009UEFA Champions league - Qualif000000
2008/2009UEFA European Championship000000
2009/2010FIFA Confederations Cup000000
2009/2010FIFA Friendly International000000
2009/2010UEFA Champions league000000
2009/2010UEFA Europa league000000
2010-2011FIFA Friendly International000000
2010-2011FIFA World Cup000000
2010-2011UEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
2011/2012FIFA Friendly International000020
2012/2013FIFA Friendly International000010
2012/2013FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000010
2012/2013UEFA Champions league000000
2012/2013UEFA European Championship000000
2013/2014FIFA Confederations Cup000000
2013/2014FIFA Friendly International000020
2013/2014UEFA Champions league000000
2013/2014UEFA Europa league000000
2014/2015FIFA Friendly International000020
2014/2015FIFA World Cup000000
2014/2015UEFA Champions league000000
2014/2015UEFA European Championship - Qualif000000
2015-2016FIFA Friendly International000000
2015-2016UEFA Champions league000000
2016-2017FIFA Friendly International000010
2016-2017FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA000000
2016-2017UEFA Champions league000010
2016-2017UEFA European Championship000010
2017-2018FIFA Friendly International000020
2017-2018FIFA World Cup - Inter-confederation play-offs000000
2017-2018UEFA Champions league000000
2018-2019FIFA Friendly International000010
2018-2019UEFA Champions league000000
2019-2020UEFA Champions league000060
Match entraineur
CommentaireGianluigi 'Gigi' Buffon, Ufficiale OMRI (born 28 January 1978 in Carrara, Italy), is a FIFA World Cup-winning Italian goalkeeper who currently plays for Serie A club Juventus. He is widely considered by experts to be one of the most dominant and successful goalkeepers in history.[1][2] Buffon was de
Taille cm188
Poids Kg83
PosteGardien de but
Date MAJ2018-10-26 06:20:28